Greg Monzel: Community Herbalist

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In my heart I am both a nature-lover and a people-person.  I have been fascinated with the cycles of life since growing up at the feet of my father and grandfather, both skilled naturalists and gardeners.  In my teens, I struggled with recurrent strep throat infections until I found raw pineapples to be effective in keeping me out of the doctor’s office.  I have enjoyed a number of professional experiences in organic farm management and natural foods store management and development.  I studied with the herbalist 7song in 2007 at the Northeast School of Botanical Medicine and in 2013 with herbalist Jim McDonald in Michigan.  I regularly attend short trainings and conferences to continually develop my skills.  My passion is building connections between people and plants for their mutual benefit.  I am a native Hoosier, husband, father, and student of nature.