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P1080724 (2)Yoga is an ancient practice and philosophy, sometimes described as an exact science, designed to support optimal mental and physical well-being. There are four paths of yoga, though people are most familiar with physical yogic exercise, or asana.  Yoga provides a vocabulary and structure for the deepest questions along with instruction on how to find the answers within. Just like the plants and animals around us, yoga has evolved and diversified in the 5,000 plus years since people first began practicing. Today we have as many different yoga classes to choose from as we do yoga pants. While its wonderful that there is something for everyone, it can also be confusing.

20170626_173616Every teacher has their own interpretation and distillation of this vast and ancient tradition. At Wild Persimmon, yoga and meditation are one in the same. We stretch and strengthen our body, improving circulation and concentration through physical exercise and breath work so that we may meditate. Classes are appropriate for any level of practice and experience. Beginning and ending with long relaxation, each class includes breathing exercises and guided meditation, in addition to asana.


P1090795 (2)Instructor Bio: Colleen Donahoe found yoga during a time of isolation and depression in her mid-twenties. The physical exercise helped her regain a sense of control in her life and the meditation helped her understand the source of this emotional instability. In 2009 she traveled to a Sivananda ashram in the Himalayas of northern India to learn as much as she could about this beautiful and exotic practice. The 30 day intensive teacher training was both validating and transformative. She has been teaching and practicing traditional Sivananda yoga ever since, completing the advanced teacher training in 2012.


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